The Rule of “6 hours at the game”
1. The race starts at 8:00 am and ends at 2:00 pm. Each rider’s final placing will be determined by the number of laps the rider has completed followed by the fastest time completing those laps.  The last lap must be started before 1:00 pm. No racers may head out on course after 1:00 pm. Please let us know if you stop before 1:00 pm! Racers may finish after 2:00 pm without being disqualified.  For example, a racer that has completed 3 laps with a finish time of 1:00 pm would beat a racer that completed 3 laps with a finish time of 1:05 pm.
2. Support on the course may be supplied by other registered racers or the TRIMOM Tech Support Team in the Registration/Feed Area. The registered racer may supply their own equipment and tools. Items supplied by Tech Support are very limited so come prepared.  There is NO BIKE TRADING, EXCHANGING, OR SWAPPING ALLOWED.
3. Water or food may be supplied to any racer by anyone at the 6 hr Registration/Feed Area. There is also a neutral WATER/FOOD/BATHROOM Station Located at the BUCKEYE BROOK ENTRANCE TO THE TRAILHEAD.   When taking food or water please take caution not to impede other racers.
4. Only registered racers, event staff, or media staff may ride the course.
5. Racers must display their numbers on their bikes while racing.  There is NO BIKE TRADING, EXCHANGING, OR SWAPPING ALLOWED.
6. Drafting is permitted.
7. Racers riding bikes have the right of way over those pushing bikes. If you are pushing a bike, please stay off the rideable portion of the trail so riders may pass. If you are lapping another racer, call out “passing on your left/right”. It is up to the passing rider to pass safely.
8. Short cutting the course is not allowed. If a racer short cuts they will be disqualified!
9. Poor sportsmanship, use of profane or abusive language and other unsportsmanlike behavior towards a racer, volunteer, event staff or spectator will not be tolerated. The racer is subject to a warning or immediate disqualification.
10. Please keep noise to a minimum. Respect other campers and participants.
11. In order to keep entry fees at a reasonable rate our 6 hour race format DOES NOT utilize chip timing.   Individuals do not have to “Check In” with the timers before the 8:00 am start or before each lap.
12. In case of a disastrous situation due to weather or any other extenuating circumstance preventing continuation or scoring of the event or creates a racing environment that is deemed too dangerous for the participants, the race directors may postpone or cancel the race as of a certain time. The race may be restarted if the weather or circumstances allow. A restart procedure will be put into place at
direction of the race director. If the race is cancelled final results will be calculated based on each racers last completed lap. This is a last resort option.
13. Have FUN!!!