5th SUPERKids Triathlon

The 5th SUPERKids Tri at URI will take place on June 10th at 9:00am at the Tootell Aquatic Center. The event format will be a pool swim, a closed course bike and a trail run. This is an opportunity for your young athlete to participate in an enjoyable life-experience through athletics. This is not structured as a highly athletic event. Rather, the objective is to build self-confidence, good health and community spirit through participation.



 Bike                               Run
 13-15  5 lengths of the pool  4 loops of the course  1.5 miles
 11-12  3 lengths of the pool  3 loops of the course  1 mile
 9-10  3 lengths of the pool  3 loops of the course  1 mile
 7-8  1 length of the pool  1 loop of the course  .5 mile
 5-6  1 length of the pool  1 loop of the course  .5 mile
Under 5  1 length of the pool  1 loop of the course  .5 mile

** Length of URI Competitive Pool is 75 Feet
** Length of Bike Loop is 1 Mile
** Each Age Group will have their own run course that’s only one loop

The Swim:
This age appropriate swim will take place in the URI Tootel Aquatic Center. We will be utilizing the 8 Lane Competitve Lap Swim Pool. The pool has 8 Lanes and there will be two athletes per lane during the swim.
Each swimmer will complete the assigned number of laps, in their lane, with assistance if necessary, from volunteer swimmers and/or flotation devices. Children 4-5 years old will be given a life jacket. There will be lane lap counters to help participants. One pool lane is 75 Feet. After the swim completion, your child will walk from the pool area to the Transition area, to begin the bike portion of the race. PARENTS ARE NOT ALLOWED INTO THE TOOTEL AQUATIC CENTER. Space is needed for our timing company, lifeguards and volunteers. Athletes will be seated in the spectator viewing area to watch the entire swim portion of the race.

The Bike: Click here for Bike Course Map
The bike will be on a closed bike course around the URI Commuter Parking Lot. From transition area, athletes will walk their bikes to the entrance of the bike course located in front of the RYAN CENTER at URI. At the beginning of the course, they will mount their bikes and then proceed to follow Weygand Way as it winds past the Recreation Center and through the URI Commuter Lot. Athletes will make a left onto Keaney Drive and head back to the Ryan Center. If necessary, continuing on to complete the loop again. Volunteers will be on the course, counting laps and notifying participants when they have completed the bike portion of the race. After completion, athletes must dismount and and volunteers will take their bikes and place into our “BIKE PIT!” Bikes can be retrieved following the race. This loop is approx 1 mile.

The Run:  Click here for Run Course Map
After the bike, athletes will proceed out of transition and follow the run course as it moves from the Recreation Center into the practice fields (behind the Recreation Center) and loops back for a finish in front of the Center! Each age-group will have an individual course to eliminate the need for any lap counting on the run course! The run will have two aid stations with water, for participants. Each loop is age-group appropriate at either ½ mile, 1 mile or 1 ½ mile.

Post Race Party:
There will be an awards ceremony, as well as bagels, fruit and water for the athletes!
Don’t miss the fun!!

Event Policies:
This race will take place on June 10, 2012, rain or shine, and starts promptly at 9am.

The parent or guardian is responsible for getting the athlete to the event with sufficient time for bike check, transition set-up, and to receive their body markings. The transition area will close approx. 15 minutes prior to the race. Athletes not set-up by this time will not be permitted to participate.

Life jackets will be available as a swim aid or athletes can bring their own life jackets. Lifeguards will be present.

Training wheels will be allowed. Due to safety reasons, tricycles are not allowed.

All participants must wear helmets, with chin straps, during the bike portion of the race.

Athletes that finish the race but do not complete the total distance of the course (e.g. less than required laps, short-cutting the course) will be disqualified. Unsportsman-like conduct is also grounds for disqualification. Volunteers will be monitoring the course and transition area for infractions. Disqualified athletes will receive a participation medal but will be ineligible for podium awards (e.g. 1st, 2nd, in age group) and will not have their times posted.

The upper age limit is 15 years old at the time of the event. The lower age limit is 4, but parents should assess their child’s abilities to complete the prescribed course. The SUPERKids Triathlon is conducted to be a positive experience and no child should be entered that is not going to benefit from the experience. Being asked to perform beyond one’s abilities may not be a positive experience.

There are no relay teams. Only 1 athlete is permitted per race number.

Please contact us to access your individual needs. We welcome all children and all efforts will be made to try to meet the needs of our challenged athletes.

REFUNDS Click Here to download the Refund Policy.
No refunds or credits given if the race must be cancelled due to weather.

Parents and guardians are permitted into transition area for set-up. No parents or guardians are permitted in the transition area once the race has begun. Volunteers will be present to assist the athletes during set-up and the race itself, and to restrict access. Permission to enter to assist an athlete must be granted by the entrance monitor! This is for the safety of our athletes!! Please Do Not Enter Transition Area!

Medical Tent
For the safety of our participants, there will be a medical tent in front of the URI Recreation Center.
Two pediatricians will be prepared and ready for any small scrapes or emergency situations. Local hospital and ambulance companies, as well as the URI and South Kingstown Police will be notified.

Check-In: Saturday June 9, 2012 (4-7pm)
You must check in for the Triathlon to pick up your race packet & T-shirt.
Your packet contains your helmet, bike and bib numbers. Please make sure these numbers are all the same and your bike/bib number is coded with the correct amount of laps. Check-in will be held in front of the URI Recreation Center. In order to keep things moving smoothly, we remind you that you must have signed a race waiver online as well as joined your child in the USAT. Please bring their membership card. Children that are not active members of the USAT or that have forgotten their membership cards, will be required to sign-up again at registration and pay the $5 fee. NO EXCEPTIONS!! USAT Membership is required of all participants for insurance purposes.
Bike Check/Body Marking:
On race morning, your child should go to the BIKE CHECK/BODY MARKINGS area (signs will direct you). NBX will perform mandatory bike safety checks of all athletes to ensure the safest race possible. To speed things up, have your child’s bike and helmet tuned up, prior to arriving at the race! In addition, your child’s race number will be marked on his/her leg and arm. These markings will be used to identify your child’s race number at the start of the swim.
Transition Area Preparation:
The transition area is located in the grassy area in front of the Tootell Aquatic Center. Individual spots will not be assigned, but signs will clearly designate the areas reserved for each age group. Athletes should have their transition area equipment (i.e., bike, shoes, etc) set up at least 1/2 hour prior to the start of the race, if not earlier. Transition area will close 15 minutes prior to the race for safety and mandatory participants meeting! Be sure to stay clear of the athletes during the race! In order to make sure everyone has room in the transition area, each athlete should use only the minimum amount of space required to place their equipment. For more info, please visit the transition area page.
Race Results:
Our race results will be posted at www.thelastmileracing.com
All parking will be in the Boss Arena Parking lot and the URI Commuter Lot.
URI Recreational Services and Mackal Field House
3 Keaney Road, Suite #1 Kingston, RI 02881
Phone: (401) 874.5926 Fax: (401) 874.4829
Email: recser@etal.uri.edu Hotline: (401) 874.4343
Race Start:
Prior to race start, all athletes will be called into the Tootell Aquatic Center Stadium and seated by Wave#. Parents will remain outside the Tootell aquatic center during the swim portion and be able to see their athletes as they exit the Aquatic Center, once they have completed the swim portion. The safety of your children is our #1 priority. We understand the nervousness that comes with the swim portion, but we have never had a child who did not complete the swim portion of the race. Our volunteers are experienced and do a great job of keeping the kids at ease as they prepare for the race. Please do not worry!

Please leave yourself enough time to set-up in transition area.
The race will begin at the pool, and the start will begin with the oldest age group, in waves of 16 swimmers at a time, 2 per lane. Each wave of athletes will be assigned a swim start time, with the first wave starting at 9am.
**Only Athletes and volunteers will be allowed in the pool area.
13-15 Age Group
Participants 1 – 16 Wave #1: Start time 9:00am
Participants 17 – 32 Wave #2: Start time 9:05am
Participants 33 – 49 Wave #3: Start time 9:10am

Until the age group is finished. We will then break and allow the entire age group to complete the bike portion of the race before calling in the next age group.
All other participants will be seated in the stadium seating overlooking the pool. Each wave will have a volunteer coordinator. Swimmers will be called into the pool by wave number. It is the athlete’s responsibility to get to the Aquatic Center on time to line up with their wave. Volunteers will assist the athletes in the staging area. Parents are not allowed in the staging area.
When a wave is called to the swim start, the participants then follow volunteer instructions to their lane assignments. At the whistle, approx. 1 minute later, the swim begins. The athletes will swim their required number of laps in their lane. Counters will be monitoring each child. At the end of the swim they will walk from the pool and enter the transition area.

Please read all event instructions, precautions, and policies.

Orientation Sessions:

Parent Walk-Through of Facilities and Course
Sun June 3, 2012: URI Tootell Aquatic Center 4-6pm
Sat June 9 2012: URI Tootell Aquatic Center 4-7pm

We encourage all parents/guardians and athletes to attend one of the pre-event orientation sessions. Sessions are held in the Tootell Aquatic Center, just outside of the main pool entrance. Here, you’ll get a chance to preview the course and have any last minute questions or concerns addressed.

For those athletes interested in preparing for the triathlon, try these tips:

In April: Try to swim at the pool 1-2 times. Get comfortable in the water and swim the length of the pool. Use a kickboard or noodle if necessary.
Try to ride your bike 10-15 mins at least 1-2 times during the month.
Try to run for 10-15 mins at least 1-2 times during the month.

In May: Increase biking to 15-20 mins, 2-3 times during the month. Increase your running to 15-20 mins, 2-3 times during the month.

** A little preparation will help your child enjoy the race and minimize injuries. The more prepared your child is, the more enjoyable the race will be.

Need help with your bike and run?
Try one of our group training sessions for even more practice, to increase stamina, build strength and help your child to be prepared.

Kids already in shape?
Try our suggested USAT Training Plan for athletes, who are physically active and looking for a structured training program!

REMEMBER, Above All Else . . . . . . HAVE FUN!

TRANSITION AREA: Click here to view Map
Parents and guardians are permitted into transition for set-up.
No parents or guardians are permitted in the transition area once the race has begun.

Volunteers will be present to assist the athletes during set-up and the race itself, and to restrict access.
Permission to enter too assist an athlete must be granted by the entrance monitor! This is for the safety of our athletes!! Please do not enter transition area!

Medical Tent:

For the safety of our participants, there will be a medical tent located in the grassy area of the Tootell Center. On hand to assist will be 2 pediatricians prepared and ready for any small scrapes or emergency situations.
Local hospital and ambulance companies as well as the URI and South Kingstown Police will be notified of this event.

What is the Transition Area and What Happens There?
In the sport of triathlon the Transition Area is like the hub in the center of a wheel with the swim, bike, and run like wheel spokes. The athlete passes through the Transition Area twice in the event. In the Transition Area the athlete moves from swimming to biking and then from biking to running.
Every athlete has a spot in the Transition Area (by age-group) where his/her bike, helmet, shoes/socks, shirt, shorts, towel and other needed items are located. The triathlon begins at the pool. Following the swim the athlete moves to the Swim In entrance of the Transition Area. The athlete will find his/her spot, and he/she will remove any swim equipment such as goggles, and quickly dry off and put on what is needed for the bike ride. Bathing suit removal is not permitted!
Athletes may put on shorts and a shirt over their bathing suits with their race number pinned on in advance. Some athletes just put on a shirt (with their race number) and ride with bathing suits instead of shorts-over-suits. The athlete takes his/her bike and (walking the bike) exits the Transition Area following the sign that says Bike Out. The bike can not be mounted until the athlete passes the Bike Mount Line, which will be clearly marked. Bike helmets must be worn at all times while the athlete is in contact with the bike, even when dismounted.
After their bike ride the athlete returns to the Bike In entrance of the Transition Area. The athlete must dismount the bike prior to crossing the Bike Dismount Line. Volunteers will take your athlete’s bike once they have dismounted. Bikes will put into our “BIKE Pit’! and can be retrieved by parents following the race.  Generally, young athletes ride their bikes in their running shoes so after removing the bike stuff, they are ready for the run. Runners may jog to the Run Out sign in the Transition Area, watching for bikes and other runners. The triathlon finishes at the end of the run near the transition area.

A few notes on the Transition Area:

• Get to the race early so your young athlete can set up his/her Transition Area location. Look for signs designating the age-group of your athlete. Locations are not reserved but there will be enough for all athletes, they will be grouped by age. The race starts with the oldest and progresses to the youngest. Set-up early and keep clear of the Transition Area when the race is in progress. Please be courteous to our athletes and stay clear of them.

• Bring two towels, one of which should be old. Put the old towel
on the ground beside the bike at your child’s location and place his/her race stuff on it. The other towel is for drying after the swim. It is recommended that you have a full water bottle there so your athlete can grab a quick drink before exiting the Transition Area.

• The time spent in the Transition Area counts on the overall time
so it should be as fast as is reasonable, but not so fast that your athlete forgets to put on the helmet or tie his/her shoes. We will have volunteers in the Transition Area to assist athletes so we ask that parents stay out for the safety of the participants.

Our staff and volunteers, love SUPERKids and the kids that come out and challenge themselves!! Everyone associated with SUPERKids Triathlon is so excited and anticipates a wonderful event. We’re sure you will agree!