Triathlon Training

Triathlon start-up training Plan

If you’re interested in the title of this article, it’s because you’re probably thinking of starting triathlon practice. It is a sport that grows year by year and has more and more practitioners.

Since it is a modality that combines three different disciplines (swimming, cycling, and athletics), it is normal that many people who want to start triathlon do not know where to start and feel a little lost.

Ideally, you should have a personal trainer specialized in triathlon. But while you find it, here’s an essential exercise guide and a training plan for you to face your first Test with guarantees.

How to train the swim?

If you are not a great swimmer and doubt that your technique is correct, you should join swimming lessons. Many municipal swimming pools offer both learning and technical improvement classes. It’ll cost you even more than swimming on your own.

Besides, you will improve much more, as the technique is fundamental in the swimming segment. Swimming against water is the worst thing you can do. You need to learn to flow into it.

If you have already practiced swimming before, you will surely know how to do the basic training. When in doubt, here are two tips:

He dedicates the day after to the most strenuous training to practice the technique, swimming without much intensity. The most common thing is that that day is Monday, as the hardest workouts are usually done on weekends. This way, the session will serve you to perfect your swimming technique and at the same time to recover after the intense sessions of the weekend. It uses Wednesday or Thursday for a longer and more intensive session.

How to train the cycling segment?

Take advantage of the weekend, or the days you are free, for cycling sessions where you can do a lot of training.

This will get you used to the time of effort that a triathlon test takes. But if you want to take a step there and plan these volumes and efforts, it is advisable to count on the help of a personal cycling coach.

How to train the running segment on foot?

The racing sector to prepare your first triathlon can be trained throughout the week, dedicating little time but with the training of high quality and intensity. For example, Tuesday, after the Monday soft swimming session, can be the perfect day to work in the racing sector with charged batteries.

A common mistake is to set aside specific force exercises. Strength training in triathlon is essential to be faster, more resistant, and also to prevent injury.

How to prepare triathlon transitions?

Triathlon isn’t just about swimming, pedaling, and running. You also have to know how to chain one segment with another. For example, how to get out of the water and get on the bike. Or how to get off the bike and start running. This is what is known as transitions.

Practicing transitions between disciplines is essential, especially when it comes to improving times. Quick changes can save you many seconds, and you know how hard it is to strengthen those seconds by swimming or running.