Betting on Olympic Sports

The Olympics are around the corner, approximately eight months away. Therefore, this is a great time to take positions and prepare for sports betting. Here are the top online sports betting tips for you.

Tips for Betting on Olympic Sports

If you are new to Olympic Games betting, knowing where to start can sound complex. Unlike with top football leagues such as the European Championship, where you can easily review individual teams, players, and their managers, most Olympics teams are new. To increase the chances of winning, it is important to start by understanding the basics of specific games and trends of preferred athletes participating in the Olympics. Here are the best online sports betting tips.

  • Focus on the sports that you know: This is one of the best tips for online sports betting. You will increase the chances of making the right prediction by focusing on the games that you understand. For example, it is tough to predict who will win in horse racing competition if you know nothing about it.
  • Do a comprehensive analysis of individual athletes: To predict how specific athletes will perform during the Olympics competitions, you should start by doing a full review of their current performance. For example, how did the athletes perform during the recent Diamond League competitions? If they did well, they are also likely to demonstrate excellent performance during the Olympics. Also, read advice from experts on the possible performance of the specific athletes or teams.
  • Start evaluating the available bets right away: If you want to reap more with your bets, it is important to start right away. If you are interested in athletics, start checking the participating teams and, where possible, place your bet early to optimize value.

Types of Olympic Bets

Once you have grasped the above tips for online sports betting, the next thing is to understand the types of Olympic bets. Here are the main types that you should know about:

  • Winner: In this type of bet, you wager on the team or individual athlete to win.
  • Podium: In a podium bet, you back a specific athlete to win in positions one, two or three.
  • Records (will there be a world record): Here, you bet on whether there will be a new world record set in a specific competition.
  • Over/Under Nation Medals: In this type of bet, you wager on whether a country or team will get medals above or under a specific number.
  • No Medals – Athlete or Nation: This is another common type of bet where you wager on a country or athlete that will take home no medal.
  • Handicap Bets: This type of bet is common, especially when there is a favorite team in a competition. In soccer, you can bet the stronger team to win with specific goals.
  • Prop Bets: This is a special type of bet regarding whether an event will or will not occur during competition. For example, you can bet whether there will be a red card, penalty, or other occurrences in a soccer competition.
  • Number of Medals in a Sport: Here, you bet on the number of medals that an athlete or country will win in the Olympics.
  • Most Gold Medals: In this bet, you bet on the country or team that will have the highest number of medals.
  • Most Silver Medals: Here, you wager on the country or athlete that will take home the highest number of silver medals.
  • Most Bronze Medals: In this case, you wager on the countries that will take the highest number of bronze medals.

Best Online Sports Casinos

When betting online, it is very important to ensure you select the right online casino.Here is our list of top five legal online casinos that you should consider for Olympics sports wagering.

  • Bet365: This is one of the best casinos because of its impressive design and generous perks.
  • Ladbrokes: Like Bet365, Ladbrokes has an impressive design and lists a lot of sports.
  • Padpower: Padpower has stood out because of its impressive customer support and listing a large number of sports.
  • Betfair: Betfair is known for providing vast betting opportunities in various games. It also has impressive perks that you can use to bet for free.
  • Party Bets: If you are looking for a casino that is relatively simple to use and that offers many opportunities in varying sports, Party Bets is one option that will never disappoint.

When betting in online casinos, you should always check for casino bonuses such as no deposit casino bonus, welcome bonus, and reload bonuses that allow you to wager more and increase the chances of winning more real money.

You can get quick in the game with, which will provide you with more online options for casinos offering sports betting. Besides the ones mentioned, you can find more options and compare them to see which ones suit your playing style more.

Additionally, you can get information about what type of promotions the operators offer, which sports betting markets are available to bet on, and which payment methods you can use to deposit and cash out. Whichever recommended platform you choose, you will get an experienced operator that cares and looks out for its members.